🎨Brand Kit

Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable, and trustable - John Jantsch

Please don’t modify or change the color of our logo file. It should always be displayed prominently and clearly.


Please don’t diminish the value of our logo. Avoid the following treatments.

  • Don't stretch

  • Don't outline

  • Don't apply unapproved colors

  • Don't apply shadows or effects

  • Don't rotate

  • Don't modify proportions

Color Guide


Please use the exact brand color.

Primary Gradient (#00E053~#24F2FF)

Black (#030712)

White (#FFFFFF)


These are the available combinations between logo and background colors.

  • Logo: Primary Gradient

  • Background: Black (#030712)

  • Logo: White (#FFFFFF)

  • Background: Black (#030712)

  • Logo: Black (#030712)

  • Background: White (#FFFFFF)

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